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Sustainable relocation

Sustainable relocation

Environmentally conscious

Dijkshoorn Euromovers complies with the ISO 14001 standard. This standard is an internationally accepted standard with requirements for an environmental management system developed by the International Organisation for Standardization. With the help of the environmental management system, the environmental risks of the business operations can be managed and, if possible, reduced. Dijkshoorn Euromovers is environmentally aware in the purchase of goods. Dijkshoorn Euromovers only purchases products from companies that are forerunners in the field of environmentally friendly inventions.

CO2 neutral

Because we want to provide you and future generations with a carefree move, Dijkshoorn Euromovers is your CO2 neutral move. This means that we compensate the CO2 emissions produced during your household belongings removal.

A sustainable customer

When you move with Dijkshoorn Euromovers, you are already working on sustainability. You can also pay attention to a number of things during your move. Some household appliances you probably do not want to take to your new home. Do not throw these household appliances away. Many appliances contain parts that can be recycled. Think of dryers, refrigerators and TVs. If you throw this type of equipment into the container, harmful substances can be released. Many municipalities have a recycling centre where you can return household appliances. Alternatively, you can sell your belongings online, if they are still good, or you can give them away for free.

When cleaning your new home, you can also take sustainability into account. We recommend that you choose cleaning products that are biodegradable. With green soap, natural vinegar and soda you can already clean a lot. It is also good to know that biological cleaners are not as bad for your health as chemical cleaners.

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Quirina Kolff

Super moving company! 100% Recommended! Perfect communication, professional, friendly, punctual. Packing and emptying in 3 hours done by 4 top guys. I look forward to the arrival of my belongings in the USA. Thanks Dijkshoorn Euromovers you are top! 5 Star company.