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The 10 removal tips of Hans & Hans

The 10 removal tips of Hans & Hans

Moving house involves a lot of work. There are many things to take into account. Dijkshoorn Euromovers is an Approved Mover. We have a lot of experience and know everything about a move. That is why Hans & Hans have put together 10 tips for you.

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Tip 1: DIJKSHOORN EUROMOVERS. Save yourself time and stress and call in Dijkshoorn Euromovers. Dijkshoorn Euromovers is an Accredited Remover and has over 65 years of experience in the removal and relocation industry.

Tip 2: BEGIN TIME. Start cleaning up and disposing of your belongings in time. As soon as you receive the moving boxes, you can start packing your household belongings. Pack a number of boxes every day. Would you like to have Dijkshoorn Euromovers pack your moving boxes? No problem! We do it daily and have experience in packing moving boxes.

Tip 3: ORGANISATION. Pack each room separately. Use separate boxes for each room. When you unpack the boxes again, this way everything will end up in the right room again. Give each box a sticker. Indicate to which room the boxes should be taken. Make a list of the boxes per room and also note down the total number of boxes. Make sure you can find frequently used items quickly by writing on the boxes what they contain.

Tip 4: FILL FILL BOXES. Fill incomplete boxes with filling material. You can also fill boxes with clothing or towels. Make sure you have enough filling material so that the contents of the box cannot shift. Close all boxes well and fold them shut. Make sure the boxes can carry the weight.

TIP 5: HANGING CLOTHES. Do not pay too much attention to your hanging clothes. On the day of the move, we will come with cloakroom boxes. You can hang the hanging clothes from your wardrobe in the wardrobe boxes.

TIP 6: GLASS AND CROCKERY. Wrap glassware, cups and plates separately in paper and put them in (small) boxes. Use clothes or towels to protect them from shocks. The heavier items (plates) must be placed in the bottom of the box. Roll table silver in kitchen roll paper. Always put bottles upright in moving boxes and do not pick up sharp objects in fragile items. Mark the boxes as containing fragile items. You can also use the packing and unpacking service. If you want to pack the moving boxes yourself, Dijkshoorn Euromovers can only pack the glass and crockery.

TIP 7: PC, TV AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES. Pack valuable electronic devices in their original packaging if you still have them. Otherwise you can use the TV and Desktop boxes of Dijkshoorn Euromovers. Other electronic devices can be transported in boxes. Wrap the object in a blanket or a sheet and put extra protective filling into the boxes. Wrap the cords separately and indicate what they are for. Put the cords in a plastic bag.

TIP 8: MAKE A HANDBAG On the moving day, all your belongings are in boxes and are moved by Dijkshoorn Euromovers. It is not convenient if you need things on the moving day and then you can't reach them. Therefore, make a bag with important items before the move. Items that can be in the bag are e.g. keys, papers, toiletries or other items that you want to have at hand.

Tip 9: AMEND TO TIME YOUR ADRES It is important to change your address in time. You can inform the municipality where you are going to live of your move in person or in writing. The municipality will then change your address in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP). Sometimes you can also report a move within the same municipality digitally. You must notify your move within four weeks before or no later than five days after your address changes.

TIP 10: PLANNING Good planning is very important to avoid stress and time constraints. Plan everything well in advance to make sure your move goes smoothly. Plans, plans, plans!

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Quirina Kolff

Super moving company! 100% Recommended! Perfect communication, professional, friendly, punctual. Packing and emptying in 3 hours done by 4 top guys. I look forward to the arrival of my belongings in the USA. Thanks Dijkshoorn Euromovers you are top! 5 Star company.