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The safest countries for expats

The safest countries for expats



Living abroad can be a fantastic adventure - but not every country is equally safe. Before you take the big step, it might not be a bad idea to see which countries are safe.

A survey by InterNations, a worldwide network of expats and entrepreneurs, resulted in a list of eleven countries that would be the safest. InterNations asked over 14,000 members for their opinion. They rated 43 aspects of their lives from 1 to 7. The participants represent 174 nationalities and live in 191 different countries or regions. Some countries are conspicuous by their absence, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The United States is also missing.

The safest countries for expats:

• Luxembourg
• Singapore
• Japan
• Canada
• Malta
• Switzerland
• Norway
• New Zealand
• Finland
• Taiwan
• Oman

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Source: Metro

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