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Do's & Don'ts when moving to the Netherlands

Do's & Don'ts when moving to the Netherlands


Avoid the use of "Holland" when it comes to the Netherlands First of all, avoid using the name "Holland" when referring to the Netherlands. "Holland" actually refers to only two of the twelve provinces in the Netherlands.

Introducing yourself

If you introduce yourself to someone, shake the right hand and repeat your last name. If people know each other well, they will sometimes kiss on the cheek when you say hello, but this usually only happens between men and women or between women and women. Dutch people are generally not so much in advance, but are more reserved, and will avoid cuddling. When shaking hands, be careful not to leave your other hand in the bag while shaking your right hand. Actually, you are not holding your hands in your pockets at all, because it is considered rude. If you have just been introduced to a group of people, it would also be polite if you also shook their hands and repeated your last name. That way, you have shown respect for each of those people in the room and nobody was excluded.

Bicycle Country

Never walk along the cycle paths. And if you hear that bike call or someone shouting "Beware" in Dutch, make sure you quickly jump aside, otherwise you could cause a problem or get injured. These cyclists rarely stop for anyone. However, try to rent a bike if you can rent it and ride through the city, because it is a beautiful and relaxing experience, and that is how many people travel in the Netherlands. You can explore the area and learn how to move faster.

Alcohol on the street

Don't drink alcohol on the street, because drinking alcohol on the street is actually against the law. If a policeman sees you doing that, he would probably ask you to empty the contents of your bottle or can; you can even get a fine.

Topics to avoid

During a dinner conversation or a business conversation, avoid questions that are too personal, the Dutch keep their business and family life separate. Don't ask people how much they make. Do not criticise the Dutch Royal Family. Be very careful when discussing politics.

Moving to the Netherlands

Besides all the do's and don'ts in the Netherlands it is important to prepare your upcoming move to the Netherlands well. Make sure you have a good planning and arrange your move in time. Move with a FIDI removal company. Dijkshoorn Euromovers is such a removal company and has the highest possible quality requirements. Stay in good contact with your International Moving Coordinator (IMC). Because the IMC takes care of all customs formalities at Dijkshoorn Euromovers and knows where your household effects are at all times. Also very important....Don't forget your keys, passport, wallet and airline tickets! 

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