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Emigration to Switzerland

Emigration to Switzerland

Are you going to emigrate to Switzerland? Switzerland has been voted the 2nd best country in the world to live in. A prosperous country where you can also enjoy winter sports and hiking. Every year many people move to Switzerland.

Switzerland has over 8 million inhabitants on an area of 41,285 km2. In terms of surface area, Switzerland is comparable to the Netherlands and Denmark. Switzerland officially has no capital, but Bern is referred to as the federal city. In Switzerland there are several languages spoken. In Switzerland the languages; German, French, Italian and Reto-Romanesque are spoken as the main language.

The 5 major advantages of living in Switzerland

  1. Education; The Swiss government invests more in education than any other OECD country.
  2. Healthcare; Swiss health care is known as one of the best in the world.
  3. Natural beauty; Nature in Switzerland is characterized by high mountains with conifers, in which the typical Alpine villages spread. For both nature lovers and sports enthusiasts Switzerland offers excellent opportunities.
  4. Favourable tax system; the taxes in Switzerland are relatively low, hence the attractiveness to live or work there.
  5. Low crime rate; Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates of all industrialised countries.


The next step..

Do you actually want to move to Switzerland? You have made the decision to move to Switzerland and only the last step remains to be taken. How can I take my household effects with me to my new home in Switzerland? Dijkshoorn Euromovers moves complete and partial household effects to Switzerland on a weekly basis. We can arrange your complete removal.

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Super moving company! 100% Recommended! Perfect communication, professional, friendly, punctual. Packing and emptying in 3 hours done by 4 top guys. I look forward to the arrival of my belongings in the USA. Thanks Dijkshoorn Euromovers you are top! 5 Star company.

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