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Packing instructions

Packing instructions

Many people pack the moving boxes themselves. Packing consists of filling the moving boxes with all the loose items that are present in the cabinets and the house. Packing takes a lot of time, so you have to live between the moving boxes for days and sometimes weeks in advance. The packing work can often be done within a day by our experienced movers. Good packing requires insight, speed and quality experience. In order to make your move run smoothly, we would like to share the packing instructions with you.


Pack as much as possible in moving boxes for protection and handling.

1. Do not seal the boxes. But fold them closed as indicated on the box.
2. Pack the boxes so full that they remain easy to handle approx. 15 kg.
3. Half fill boxes with books and fill them with light stuff (e.g. linen).
4. Make sure that the boxes are stackable, if there is no other option, keep the top open.
5. Collect items that cannot be placed in a closed moving box.
6. Stick one sticker on each box and write on it the destination in your new home (e.g. storage room, attic or kitchen etc.) and the contents.
7. Also large plants or plant pots, paintings, posters etc. should be stuck with a sicker with the destination of the new house.
8. Pack fragile items lightly with the supplied packing paper. Plates and bowls on their sides at the bottom of the box, cups and glasses on top and fill with e.g. towels and tea towels etc.
9. Put together paintings and posters that do not fit in a moving box. On the day of the move, our employees will place them in a painting boxes.
10. Wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes will also be brought along on the day of the move and will be filled and emptied by you.
11. Please inform us of any shortages of moving boxes etc. in good time.
12. After moving, please flatten the boxes again. If all boxes are empty you can call us and make an appointment to get them collected. Please return the moving boxes within 1 month after moving date.
13. Please inform your (new) neighbours in time when the move will take place so we can make use of parking spaces and/or the elevator.
14. Please keep light points in tact (especially in the dark months).
15. If you de- and assemble all nails, screws, pins and 16. Remove the duvets (for safety and damage) and keep them together in a bag or box.

Dijkshoorn Euromovers also has a packing service. With this packing service your goods will be packed with the greatest care by the experienced movers of Dijkshoorn Euromovers. We help you with the quiet packing of the sturdy moving boxes but also with unpacking, if desired.

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Quirina Kolff

Super moving company! 100% Recommended! Perfect communication, professional, friendly, punctual. Packing and emptying in 3 hours done by 4 top guys. I look forward to the arrival of my belongings in the USA. Thanks Dijkshoorn Euromovers you are top! 5 Star company.

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